Our philosophy of Good Communications



Values are the beating heart of effective communication. If you think of any inspirational leader, clear, unerring conviction to their values is what motivates people to follow them. Devotion to those values, in turn, creates loyalty in their followers.

If the values of your organisation are confused and inconsistent you will attract confusion and conflict and put off the people you want to attract. In contrast, if you are clear about your values, you will attract the people you need, the customers you want and you will enjoy that relationship.

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If you really understand the people you want to attract you can make your brand irresistible. Finding out about the people you really want to connect with is time very well spent. Who are they? What are they already drawn too? Where do they hang out and talk? Once you know your audience you can develop or hone your brand to attract their attention.

Once you have refined your brand, clear guidelines help to ensure you have consistent visual, verbal and written communication which builds familiarity and leads to a sense of trust. Couple this with smart aims for your communications, and you’ll be ready to plan your activity.


Creativity and innovation are key to captivating your audience. Now more than ever, the number of ways to communicate can be overwhelming, and you can often feel like you're shouting into a void. However, if your message is well-crafted and your delivery is dusted with a little creative magic, you can have real impact and create the results you want.

Once you have developed sparkling communications, you can deploy them cleverly through the channels you know your audience hangs out. A plan will help you control this activity and the resource you spend.

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By learning from everything you do, you will only ever progress. You can use scientific method to investigate and measure your communication and determine the effect it is having. By learning and experimenting, you will sharpen your communication and increase your impact.

Whether it's analytics on the website or facebook responses there are many tools available you. You can ask honestly, 'Is this message achieving the level of engagement that we need?', 'Is it reaching the people we need to reach?', 'Are we influencing people in the right way?'. Through intelligent measurement and adaptation, you can evolve your communication to take you forwards at every step.