Don't just aim to have a business, have a legendary business...

•    Are you setting up a new business?    •     Are you considering life as an entrepreneur?     •     Maybe you're already on that journey and looking for guidance, information and support?    •

From the flash of an idea through to businesses that are up and running, this course has something important for you.
Psychology and Personality

Most business books will tell you all about the system, what cogs you need turning where in order to make a business work. In this groundbreaking new course we show you that this is mistaken. It is like advising people how to have a successful marriage by divvying up the chores before you say 'I do'. Humans are just far more complex than that.

You may not be able to set out to discover new lands so easily anymore, or rescue maidens from towers, but you can set out to create new businesses and solve problems for other people. You, the entrepreneur are the adventurer and hero of the modern era - the hero of your enterprise. As a business creator, you are adventurous by nature and have a desire to challenge yourself, grow and develop.

There is plenty of advice out there about the need for persistence and treating failure as a learning experience, but this course goes much further in putting you, the entrepreneur,  your psychology and also your team, at the heart of your business. This course will take you step by step through the work that you need to do, to make the best decisions, to create the right team, to know how to communicate with your audience and ultimately to fulfill your quest to create a legendary business. We put humans back into business.

We are in changed times. There was a time when Gordon Gekko proclaimed, "greed is good". Yet now we know where that attitude takes us. There is a fast growing movement that recognises that there is a need for business that thinks about more than the bottom line. We know the power of business that offers real value to its customers. Businesses driven by purpose and value to solve real problems not only make money, but also make the world a little better.

If you can offer something of genuine value, then you can expect genuine value in return. This is the only kind of business that has a future. Good business people like you, will spot a problem in the world that needs solving, and you will pour your heart and soul into figuring out how to solve that problem. Although no one can do it but you, and only you can go on that journey, what we can do is give you the tools and the principles to do it right.

We see entrepreneurs as the modern questors, those who are prepared to challenge themselves to achieve great deeds. They slay dragons and retrieve treasure and dragons are everywhere. Every frustration, every problem, every needless hurdle we face in our lives are dragons. And every one of them can be dealt with by an entrepreneur's solution.

Being an entrepreneur is no longer just about money, that is just the neat side-effect, but it is about solving real world problems and challenging yourself to become the person that you dream of being. It is no small task, but it is the most noble. And we're hear to help.

We have poured years of experience and research into this course and will continue to evolve it. We have drawn from psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and real world experience to put together a course that is genuinely transformational. If you are dreaming of being the person that solves problems, that offers the world real solutions, then this is the course for you.

Values driven business