Greta Basich Head of Research, Facebook

“We found that people spend five times longer looking at video content than static content across both Facebook and Instagram. And on Instagram, we found that even a cinemagraph - an image which moves ever so slightly - can capture people’s attention for twice as long than a comparable static post”






Sample from Card Magic instruction

Cinemagraph MP4

Cinemagraph GIF 256 colours

The Power of the Cinemagraph

As the research from Facebook quoted above proves - movement captures attention. The subtlest and cheapest way of doing this in a stylish way is the Cinemagraph. Above there are two versions of the same Cinemagraph. The initial footage is shot on a Panasonic GH4 with a Sigma 18-35mm lens, at 25fps and 1920x1080. The footage was then coloured in Premier Pro and exported as an MP4. This was then brought into Photoshop where the video is combined with a static shot to produce the resulting image. The MP4 and GIF were rendered from Photoshop. MP4s maintain far more of the quality and are now supported by Facebook and Instagram. GIFs are an old technology, but still used widely, it restricts the colours and reduces the quality, but results in a smaller file.

The Power of Film

Video works. If you want to catch people's attention and engage them, then creating video is your greatest tool. It has long been a truism in television and film that you also have to catch your audience's attention as quickly as possible. Just compare films of 30 or 40 years ago with most contemporary films and you'll see the difference in pace and action, especially in the opening. Because we have learnt how audiences respond.

Today when many people are consuming video on their smart phones, it's just as important to capture their attention and keep it, but not outstay your welcome. That requires a thorough understanding of the subject and craft in planning and executing the story you are going to tell even if it's only 30 seconds long. 

We have come from making film for broadcast, and understand the art and science of production. In this world of readily accessible video, we are also constantly innovating new ways to generate quickly produced content, bring down production costs and achieving the aims of our clients.